Online Citizen Payment Portal

Web portal delivers Teller features directly to your citizens. Secure, single point of access solution for citizen payments accessible on a 24/7 basis, creating a rich experience for constituents. Accessible on mobile or desktop platforms.

Teller’s Online Citizen Payment Portal allows customers to look up information, pay bills/invoices and get receipts safely and securely through a single point of access in real-time.


Secure, Single Point of Access Portal for Citizens

Customers make payments in real-time using a desktop or mobile device platform that is accessible 24/7 365. Convenient and safe for customers, while improving time efficiencies for Government staff. All without the need for face-to-face interaction with Government agency personnel.

Highly Configurable Screens

Configurable styling to match organization’s branding appearance and flow requirements. When customers click a link to open the Government payment portal, a configured welcome screen appears, with your agency’s logo, text, messages, etc.

Intuitive System

Comprehensive system designed to be intuitive and easy to use while creating an excellent customer experience. 

Cart-based Online System

Cart-based system that enables customers to pay multiple bills/statements at one time.  After selecting the type of service, multiple methods to access the specific account appear. Customers can also set up a personal account at any time to streamline future transactions.

Citizen Account Sign Up and Dashboard

Users easily sign up for an account that links to their data and makes it easy to re-use payment methods. Users can control their notification preferences and reminders.

Takes Payments with Other Online Applications

Interfaces with your other online applications. Utilizes Teller’s real-time and batch integrations to extend payments to the web. Enables flexible integration with existing site; for example customers using a GIS site to purchase a map can link over to Teller Online to complete payment.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Thank you for the extreme effort that you put into this project and into Santa Clara County.  Your team was fantastic in every way.  William, Ryan, and Andrew, along with Tori and others performed at levels that far exceeded our expectations.  Your team has helped DTAC move from rubber stamps to a top of the line payment system.  The project management, training, consultation, advice, and modifications you provided to meet our needs was remarkable. We could not have imagined a more flawless implementation.

Can/Am has set the standard high for future vendors.