Teller provides rich API and Plugin capabilities that enable Teller functionality to be safely extended to meet the specific needs of our local and state Government clients.

Teller utilizes the latest technology to allow us to seamlessly integrate with a multitude of software applications and business processes including:

  • Tax Collection 
  • Treasurer 
  • Parking
  • Public Health
  • Public Safety
  • Highways
  • Finance
  • Courts Surveyor
  • Community Development
  • Business Licensing
  • Public Works
  • Utility Billing

Integrations can be real-time or batch, depending on your preference.


Seamless Real-Time Integration

Teller’s Real-Time integration with your software applications enable cashiers to look up payment information easily from bar coding or keyboard entry. Teller automatically retrieves key payment information, prompts the user through the payment process, then updates Teller and the integrated software application.

Teller updates integrated systems during the payment processing to ensure that data is always in sync.

Accounting System Integration

Teller automates receiving payments against financial A/R Invoices through integrated searching, barcode scanning, and posting. Payment batches automatically integrate back with your financials to create records for G/L and bank reconciliation.  All other charges recorded by Teller can also integrate to your financials.

Automated Batch Integration

Secure, automated, batch integration, with configuration of data formats and mapping. Teller accepts data via pull or push models from your applications, presenting near-current useful information to cashiers.

Payments are automatically exported or pushed back to the system in batch. Options for SFTP or Web Service data transfers.

Technical Capabilities

Teller delivers superior integration by utilizing the latest technology.

  • REST API: HTTPS endpoint allowing authorized external systems or scripts to automate processing with Teller.
  • .NET Plugins: Teller’s plugin layer enables extensibility without changing the core software, resulting in a rich, customized user experience while maintaining product support.
  • SQL Query API: allows external systems and reporting engines to query Teller data

API and Plugin capabilities are part of the Teller Core Solution and included at no additional cost.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Exceeded our Expectations are the first words that come to mind when   I try to describe Can/Am Teller as a company.  Their team members are all true professionals in every way; responsive, engaged, pro-active, courteous, true partners invested in our relationship and software solution.

Carol Brown

Business Technology Manager, Clark County, WA