Implementation / Client Care

The Can/Am implementation team specializes in turn-key implementations, working closely with you every step of the way for successful project completion and beyond.

Can/Am’s team-based approach respects your needs, expertise, opinions, and time in order to create a positive work atmosphere based on a professional, healthy, and productive experience from initial implementation to ongoing client support.

We emphasize communication to build positive client relationships. As with any successful relationship, dialogue must be two-way and iterative, built upon a foundation of teamwork, trust, fair play, ethical standards, and ultimately, genuine enthusiasm for the project at hand. 


Project Planning, Management and Administration Services

Our experienced project team works with agency stakeholders and SMEs to successfully execute each project within stated timelines and budget. We follow a standard project management methodology including typical project management activities.

Interface Implementation

Can/Am writes interface specifications and works with Client and vendor staff to design and implement integrations between Teller and other applications being integrated.

Project Kickoff

Typically, the Can/Am team kicks off projects on site; however, with COVID restrictions, we also fully support completely remote virtual kickoff meetings.


Can/Am offers preparation and delivery of training sessions for Teller Usage, Configuration, and Management.

Teller Workshops

Our team performs in-depth analysis of current Client processes and facilitates Teller implementation decisions through interactive Workshops. A proven process that creates the foundation for a successful project.

Go-Live Support

On-site or remote support for Go-Live ensures a successful cutover to production. Our team works with you to ensure that your staff are confident in using Teller to provide fabulous service to your citizens.


Can/Am configures the core Teller product to Client requirements as determined during Analysis meetings.


Client Care – Ongoing Support

The implementation is complete – don’t worry, we are still with you! The Teller Client Care team is continually available to resolve issues, answer questions, and ensure that your software is up to date with new Teller releases. We take the production success of every client seriously and strive to establish and maintain long term relationships.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Thank you for the extreme effort that you put into this project and into Santa Clara County.  Your team was fantastic in every way.  William, Ryan, and Andrew, along with Tori and others performed at levels that far exceeded our expectations.  Your team has helped DTAC move from rubber stamps to a top of the line payment system.  The project management, training, consultation, advice, and modifications you provided to meet our needs was remarkable. We could not have imagined a more flawless implementation.

Can/Am has set the standard high for future vendors.