Revenue Submission

Teller’s Revenue Submission portal provides streamlined entry and management of remotely collected revenue by departments and districts within your government organization.

Automates cash receipting through municipality Treasurer or Finance department, eliminating duplicate re-entry of allocations. Significantly reduces in-person cash receipting visits. Provides a compelling alternative to emailed cash receipt spreadsheets and paper forms.


Enable Agencies and Departments to Submit Once

Submitters enter or import cash receipt information via electronic upload of revenue workflow files (Excel or text file) using easy-to-use portal with predefined templates. Approval workflow to merge and publish submissions from submission queue to accounting software. Securely archive cash receipts and important supporting documentation using multiple file types.

Supports Physical Cash/Check or Deposited Funds

Whether a submitter is providing cash/checks to the Treasurer or Finance department in person, or depositing to a bank, we have you covered!

Produces and Delivers Automated Cash Receipt

Cash Receipts produced upon approval of submissions and receipt of any physical cash/checks being deposited to the Finance or Treasurer department. Receipt also available through online portal.

Provides Submission History to Submitting Agencies

Displays the most recent Revenue submissions by date, using the “Submissions for Date” selector.

  • Search past history of submissions

  • View Submission Details page for the selected submission based on the number revenue submission number

  • Displays cash receipt number if submission receipted by the Treasurer or Finance department

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

“Revenue Submission has changed the way the Treasurer’s office does business with both our local and regional partners.  We are no longer bound to the antiquated 3-part forms, reliant on mail in or in person transactions, or deposits taking multiple days to complete.  Not to mention the GL is uploaded in seconds as opposed to hours with manual entries.  We don’t know how we ever lived without it.  The team at Can/Am is, hands down, the best I’ve ever had the privilege to work with and I look forward to more projects in the future.”

Christa Rice

Senior Treasury Business Systems Analyst
Spokane County, WA