Management / Reporting

The right data, the right answers, the right insights; flexible and compelling reporting embedded directly into the Teller experience.

Teller provides a full suite of reports designed to provide ease of access to information for efficient Government Cashier management and reporting. Teller Report Designer is also available for configuring user-defined reports and queries.


Flexible Applications Designed to Empower Our Clients

Empowers our client base with the ideal management and reporting tools to meet their Cashiering needs. A suite of reports are provided, run either based on flexible data prompts or contextually within the solution.

Reports are Fully Customizable

Using Crystal Reports or the embedded Teller Report Designer, reports can access any common or custom field displayed. All reports are managed in Teller’s Configuration tool for ease of delivery to Teller users, and use the published Teller Query Schema.

Supports Client Ad-Hoc Report Modifications (coming soon)

An updated reporting engine for ad-hoc modification of reports from within the Teller application by end-users. Includes an editor and capability for authorized configuration users to customize reports for all users.

Intuitive Query Building Tool

Comprehensive data available through an intuitive query building tool within the integrated report designer. No additional software required; the designer and viewer are built in directly into the Teller and Teller Configuration UI.

Reports for Users

Reports published through Teller Configuration are available to run by all authorized users within a given Department.

Print or Export Reports

Reports can be printed from the integrated report viewer, or exported in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, and XML.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Thank you for the extreme effort that you put into this project and into Santa Clara County.  Your team was fantastic in every way.  William, Ryan, and Andrew, along with Tori and others performed at levels that far exceeded our expectations.  Your team has helped DTAC move from rubber stamps to a top of the line payment system.  The project management, training, consultation, advice, and modifications you provided to meet our needs was remarkable. We could not have imagined a more flawless implementation.

Can/Am has set the standard high for future vendors.