Enterprise Cashiering

Teller’s easy-to-use configurable suite of cashiering solutions is designed specifically for local and state government agencies across North America.

Finding the right POS/Cashiering software package can be a complex process. Can/Am Teller’s Cashiering Solution make it less stressful by offering a comprehensive suite of software features. Teller allows government agencies to streamline, modernize, and simplify Cashiering, Online and POS processes.


Automated Integration

Teller utilizes the latest technology to create rich API and plugin capability designed to seamlessly integrate with a variety of software applications including financials, accounts receivable, tax, parking, records, and more.  Teller also integrates with credit processors and banks, including ICL.

Built-in Reporting Suite

Reports are incorporated throughout daily workflow activities, enabling staff to immediately access relevant, customizable reports from reconciliation and other screens. Management/analysis reports allow data analysis and reporting based on date range and other criteria. Reports can be printed or exported in a variety of formats, including PDF, Excel, Word, CSV, and XML.

Online Citizen Portal

Web portal delivers Teller features directly to your citizens. Secure, single point of access solution for citizen payments accessible on a 24/7 basis, creating a rich experience for constituents. Accessible on mobile or desktop platforms.

Strong Auditing Capabilities

All modifications to payments, sessions, or batches are recorded and displayed as an audit timeline of the window showing that item. Detailed logging and user activity tracking provide assurance of security.

Detailed Management End-of-Day Balancing/Reconciliation Processes

Teller’s Drawer Session Management system delivers integrity and transparency for cashiers as they cash in, take payments, and balance their drawers. Daily closing workflow is built in, enabling secondary balancing and reporting of transactions prior to sending data to an integrated financial system.

Highly Configurable

Can/Am understands that not every government agency conducts business the same way.  The Teller system is configurable at all levels including security, users, processes, screens, approvals and reports.

Void and Adjust Payment Functionality

Teller enables rich payment search capabilities, enabling users to easily locate and modify payments. With full same day or post-balance void capabilities, Teller allows a payment to be reversed or corrected with full security and audit control. Returned items can be processed as NSF. Teller assembles all payment corrections or reversals to update your Financial System.

Original payment financial data is always intact. The intuitive Void and Adjust Payment windows make it easy for a cashier to enter data for supervisor approval.

Multi-Layer Security

Detailed security privileges for fine-grained control over access to Teller features. Privileges are assigned to department-specific user roles using the Teller Configuration web application, controlling access to different menus, windows, tabs, and more.

What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

Thank you for the extreme effort that you put into this project and into Santa Clara County.  Your team was fantastic in every way.  William, Ryan, and Andrew, along with Tori and others performed at levels that far exceeded our expectations.  Your team has helped DTAC move from rubber stamps to a top of the line payment system.  The project management, training, consultation, advice, and modifications you provided to meet our needs was remarkable. We could not have imagined a more flawless implementation.

Can/Am has set the standard high for future vendors.