Teller is designed to seamlessly integrate with industry-standard POS peripherals, making the payment process as automated and as easy to use as possible for cashiers and citizens.

Teller provides an innovative approach to devices, providing full web cashiering without compromising ease of use and live interaction with the POS devices that drive your cashiering front counter.


Receipt Printers

Industry standard receipt, endorsement, and validation printing. As payment is completed, Teller automatically prints a receipt. Variety of receipt printers provide quick and quiet printing with small form factor options.

Cash Drawers

Integrates the OPOS standard for cash drawer control. Teller opens the cash drawer where needed, providing audit reports for cash drawer access.

Barcode/QR Code Scanners

Quickly pull up a bill or invoice with integrated Barcode and QR code scanning. Teller works with most major barcode manufacturers.

Credit Terminals

Semi-integrated architecture, reducing Client PCI scope. Solutions for card swipe, EMV, tap, signature payments, and convenience fees with a variety of processors and devices.

Teller works with the credit processor of your choice.

Check / Document Scanners

Immediately scan checks at the front counter, or in batch. Checks and payment documents captured and interpreted for deposit and data lookup. From the single-scan CheXpress CX30 to the multi-document TS240 and TS500 scanners, choose the option that meets your needs.

OCR scanning of other documents (OCR-A or OCR-B) for lookups and auto-population of fields.

Cash Counters

Teller integrates with multiple types of Cash Counters to increase efficiency of cash handling at the front counter and during Cash Out. The cashier inserts bills into the Counter which counts and optionally scans the bills for counterfeit currency. Supported throughout Teller wherever cash denomination amounts are entered.


Real-time integration with a variety of Kiosk machines.  A great option to consider as governments look for ways to accept payments in a no-touch environment.  Customers can conveniently look up information and complete payments at a Kiosk, freeing up staff for other tasks.  Easily configured to be set up to accept a wide variety of payments while making additional information available as needed. 


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

They were always engaged. I never felt I was out in left field. It was truly like we were their only customer. I have nothing but positive things to say.

Anthony Glenn

Treasurer Department Project Manager, Clark County, WA