Tulsa County, OK to Implement Teller Cashiering Solution from Can/Am Technologies for Sheriff’s Department

Lakewood, CO –– Tulsa County, OK recently announced they will be installing Can/Am Technologies Teller Cashiering Solution to improve County cashiering processing efficiencies within the Sheriff’s and other departments in conjunction with their implementation of Workday.

The new system will provide cashiering, POS devices and receipting, management reporting, as well as integration with Workday Financials. Initially Teller will be utilized by the County’s Sheriff’s office and will eventually be expanded to other departments within the County. County staff members will be working with the Can/Am team to implement the new system in early 2022.

The County selected the Teller solution based on several key factors, including comprehensive functionality, easy configurability, Workday integration and robust reporting, collection, and easy-to-use management tools.

Tulsa County Clerk Michael Willis commented, “We have a great opportunity in implementing Teller as the primary cashiering system for Tulsa County.  We’re excited for the possibilities with this new system as we believe it will fit very well with the needs of our departments and customers.”

About Tulsa County, OK

Tulsa County is in the state of Oklahoma and is home to more than 650,000 people covering more than 587,000 square miles with 10 municipalities. The county seat and largest city is Tulsa, the second-largest city in the state. Tulsa County maintains County-owned roads and bridges, assesses properties, runs elections, manages the County’s budget, operates the David L. Moss Criminal Justice Center and so much more. Tulsa County’s elected officials and employees serve every citizen with professionalism, integrity, and respect. Founded at statehood, in 1907, it was named after the previously established city of Tulsa.

About Can/Am and the Teller Cashiering Solution

For over 20 years Can/Am Technologies, Inc. has been providing cashiering solutions to local and state government clients across North America. Can/Am’s Teller Cashiering Solution is a full featured browser-based Cashiering/Point of Sale/Online system that delivers robust reporting, collection, and management functionality.  Teller’s modern integration technology is intuitive and easy-to-use while also able to seamlessly assimilate into a multitude of software integrations. Can/Am has earned a solid reputation for providing a high level of ongoing hands-on client support. Can/Am is SOC2 certified.

To learn more about the Can/Am Teller Cashiering solution, go to www.GoTeller.com.

Contact: Scott Stickel, V.P. of Sales and Marketing
Scott.stickel@canamtechnologies.com | 503-799-1373