Spokane County, WA Goes Live with Can/Am Technologies’ Newest Cashiering Product

Lakewood, CO –– Spokane County, Washington is bringing the benefits streamlining entry and management of daily revenue submissions collected by departments and districts within the County by integrating Can/Am’s newest Cashiering system solution. The Revenue Submission solution seamlessly integrates with the Teller Cashiering system to provide cash receipting throughout the Treasurer department.  

Christa Rice, Senior Treasury Business Systems Analyst for the county was pleased to share the following comments.

 “Revenue Submission has changed the way the Treasurer’s office does business with both our local and regional partners.  The team at Can/Am is, hands down, the best I’ve ever had the privilege to work with and I look forward to more projects in the future.” 

About Spokane County

Spokane County is located in the northeast part of Washington State. As of the 2010 census the population was 471,221, making it the fourth-most populous county in Washington state. The largest city and county seat is Spokane, the second largest city in the state after Seattle. The county is named after the Spokane tribe.

About Can/Am Teller Cashiering Software 

Can/Am Technologies, Inc., has provided modern, powerful cashiering solutions to clients across North America. Can/Am’s Teller is a full featured browser-based Cashiering/Point of Sale/Online solution that delivers robust reporting, collection, and management functionality.  Teller’s modern integration technology is praised as being intuitive and has been incorporated into a multitude of software integrations.  Can/Am is SOC2 certified.

To learn more about the Can/Am Teller Cashiering solution, go to www.GoTeller.com.

Scott Stickel, V.P. of Sales and Marketing Scott.stickel@canamtechnologies.com | 503-799-1373