Igor Pietraszko joins Can/Am Technologies as Product Technical Lead.

Lakewood, CO – Can/Am Technologies announced the recent addition of Igor Pietraszko who joins Can/Am Technologies as Product Technical Lead. Igor will be guiding the development of Teller Online, which will become the go to online extension of Can/Am’s industry leading Teller Cashiering Solution offering.

Igor has over 20 years of IT experience spanning multiple development, solution architect and leadership roles in the insurance, government, education, and utilities sectors. He has gained valuable work experience while serving in a variety of roles at industry leading companies including ATCO Gas, ATCO Electric, Wipro Solutions Canada LTD, ATCO I-Tek, Alberta Infrastructure, Alberta Education and Advanced Education and Accenture. At one point he was responsible for three teams comprised of over 20 analysts along with applications supported and maintained by these teams. He oversaw the implementation of numerous operational, strategic, and technical initiatives aimed at streamlining and improving existing operations.

Igor’s deep technical and infrastructure background combined with effective interpersonal skills and business acumen that enables him to seamlessly transition between and operate equally well in technical and business settings. He is a compassionate yet demanding leader who has guided past teams through one acquisition and numerous time-critical and demanding projects.

In his free time, Igor enjoys camping, fishing, mountain biking and relaxing with his family and their dog Luna. When his son was younger, he helped manage equipment on his son’s soccer team, that included positive interactions with the players as well as their parents.