Seamless Integration with Teller and LexisNexis

Can/Am’s utilization of the latest technology has allowed Teller to join forces alongside LexisNexis to ensure our clients have a painless implementation experience.

This integration features seamless semi-integrated PIN Pad processing of credit/debit cards. No PCI data is transmitted to or from Teller. LexisNexis can provide the option to charge a convenience fee back to the payor.

About LexusNexis

LexisNexis Payment Solutions provides flexible payment electronic processing technology for government agencies. Our cloud-based full service payment gateway solutions help keep government at the forefront of technology to maximize efficiency and cash flow by automating payment processing for government services; including taxes, various fees, utility bills, license, applications, and citations. Our goal is to better connect government agencies with the citizens and businesses they serve and our seamless integration with Can/Am lends itself well in fulfilling that mission.

To learn more about LexusNexis visit:

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