Seamless Integration with Teller

Can/Am employs the latest technology to enable Teller to seamlessly integrate in real-time with Accela to receive and process all types of payments. Teller is optimized for secure, rapid front-counter payment posting, as well as mail-in batch posting payments.

Key Benefits of using Teller with the Accela cashiering process

  • Seamless printer/scanner device integration
  • Automatic void with credit card provider
  • Ability to select from many pre-built credit providers
  • Flexible searches for quick access to fees
  • Single payment, multiple tenders, and applications


Teller is proud to be an Accela Technology Partner.

We provide technology that extends Accela solutions with mobile and SaaS applications, integration services and tools.


About Accela

Accela provides a robust, cloud-based platform of government software solutions that accelerate growth, efficiency, and transparency in communities of all sizes. From planning, to building, to service request management and more, Accela’s SaaS offerings level the playing field for small and medium governments and enable smaller agencies to leverage larger city technologies.

Our open and flexible technology helps agencies address specific needs today, while ensuring they are well prepared for the emerging challenges of the future.

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