Marion County, WA – Public Works Engineering Department


Marion County is the fifth most populated county in Oregon and home of the state capitol. For many years Laurie Steele, the County Treasurer, recognized the County’s need for a common cash receipting solution. After an extensive RFP process, Marion County found and selected Teller.

Pain Points

Public Works Engineering was issuing handwritten receipts to customers at the front counter. A clerk could easily provide no receipt at all, write the wrong amount on the receipt, or even change the amount on the receipt after a customer left. Receipts had to be manually reconciled at the end of each day. The supervisor audit of paper receipts was taking 2 – 3 hours per week.


With the roll-out of Teller, receipts are standardized and automatically generated. This in itself is a great time saver for the clerks. An added and unexpected benefit is that clerks can email receipts to telephone customers rather than print and mail paper receipts.

The implementation of Teller allows for a streamlined reconciliation process. The time it takes to reconcile drawers at the end of the day was cut by nearly 50% and the weekly supervisor audit was reduced from 2 – 3 hours to about 15 minutes. Because general ledger accounts are tied to the items and services sold through Teller, the entire business process of entering revenue into the general ledger has been automated.

The County was also able to implement additional and sorely needed controls to replace the previous manual cash handling processes. Users cannot void or adjust their own transactions. Marion County also introduced segregation of duties between receiving and balancing money, which is enforced by the system.


As the primary project champion and Marion County implementation leader, Laurie sums it up: “Teller was an incredibly easy software system to set up and use. We were able to adapt Teller to meet our business needs, while maintaining solid cash controls. I would recommend Teller to anyone interested in improving cash controls or increasing efficiency in the reconciliation process. We went on to implement Teller in every county department with huge success!”

“The project was smoother than any software project I’ve been involved in during my 25 years at Marion County.”

– Laurie Steele, Treasurer at Marion County

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