Hamilton County, IN – Health Department Teller Implementation


The Hamilton County Health department serves the fastest growing county in Indiana, just north of Indianapolis. There is no downtime for the department anymore as people constantly come to buy birth certificates, death certificates, and other vital items.

Pain Points

Before Teller, everything was handwritten. Receipts were logged in a receipt book. Every morning they would split up the previous day’s receipts by accounting line item, totaling them up. Then they would total up cash and check for each line item and write a Report of Collections on a typewriter for the Auditor’s department. This process would take around 45 minutes.

The department was also unable to take credit or debit card payments. As a result, they sent customers away to the local gas station’s ATM to get cash.


The implementation in 2012 was a breeze. Joshua was there 2-3 days to help with any issues and answer questions. “I feel like it went really well. We were really, really happy,“ said Georgia Roudebush, the Office Manager/Registrar. “I’ve always felt we had good rapport to where if we had problems, they were taken care of or a work-around was found.”


The Health department is very pleased with Teller. Daily operations are much smoother. They no longer need to purchase and store receipt books. Customer have given positive feedback on the ability to take credit and debit cards.

The balancing and reporting activities that used to take 45 minutes are now typically 15-20 minutes. Teller reports give receipt timestamp details for all the money, broken down by financial account, which is a significant help at month end.


Georgia sums it up: “We really do like Teller. It’s made it easy for us.” The Health department has continued to implement new Teller functionality, automating check deposit and the inter-department workflow with the Auditor and Treasurer’s offices.

“We really do like Teller. It’s made it easy for us.”

– Georgia Roudebush, Office Manager/Registrar

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