Clark County, WA – Joint Lobby Point of Sale


The Clark County Joint Lobby is driven by one ideal: customer service. Customers pay fees for three different departments in this streamlined service center.

Pain Points

Before Teller, point-of-sale was not consolidated. Two entirely separate cashiering systems resulted in slow processing times, crowded desks (including two receipt printers per desk), and a cumbersome manual process to get the same receipt number recorded in two different business systems. Each clerk would prepare at least two deposits.


The Teller project created integrations with each business system, the credit processor, the bank (for ICL electronic check deposits), and the financial system (to update after end-of-day balancing). As the project progressed, excitement grew. “We started to see efficiencies we didn’t even hope to gain” says Kathy Lee, the Tax Service Office Manager in the Treasurer’s office.


As Teller rolled out, incredible gains were realized. The peak day of tax season was amazing! “We just flowed through the day, like nothing,” said Kathy. Experienced customers, accustomed to long wait times, walked in throughout the day and said “Wow, I’ve hit the sweet spot!” Between barcode scanning, validation printing, faster processing, and efficiencies from business system integrations, processing times dropped drastically. Hundreds of hours are being saved each year with the new system.

End-of-day reconciliation and deposits also greatly improved. Charlene, who manages the Recording Department, used to have a half-inch stack of paper each day for reconciliation. Now she has a 3-page report. A consolidated deposit reduced the Joint Lobby from up to 25 deposits per day down to 2 (an electronic check deposit and a cash deposit). Consolidated reporting provides an insightful new perspective on county operations.


Both before and after go-live, easy communications were a highlight. Kathy said: “They were always engaged. I never felt I was out in left field. It was truly like we were their only customer.” “I have nothing but positive things to say,” says Anthony Glenn, Treasurer Department Project Manager. “If anyone needs a reference, I’m sure that anyone at Clark County who was involved with the project would be more than happy to give one,” Charlene concluded.

“I have nothing but positive things to say.”

– Anthony Glenn, Treasurer Department Project Manager

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