Client Comments – The City of San Mateo, CA

“The City of San Mateo chose Can/Am Technology’s Teller solution because it best positions the City to modernize its cashiering processes and provide the best possible customer experience for the San Mateo community.” Rich Lee | Finance DirectorThe City of San Mateo, CA

Client Comments – The City of Olympia, WA

“The City of Olympia is super excited to get started with our Can/Am Teller implementation! When we reached out to other entities, we were told they make great partners and that we will be so happy. We are ready for some happy!”  Jana Brown | General Accounting ManagerThe City of Olympia, WA

Client Comments – The City of Miami, FL

 “We look forward to begin working with Can/AM to better improve our payment options and streamline our customers’ experience.” Triveni Chircut | Financial Systems AdministratorThe City of Miami, FL